Mission Statement

KITEK CONSTRCUTION is a full line E & I, Mechanical and HVAC Service Contractor Company.
KITEK CONSTRCUTION Company will strive to be best-in-class as an E & I, Mechanical and HVAC Services Provider in Western Kazakhstan keeping leadership position.
KITEK CONSTRCUTION Company always continues to drive forward, offering the highest Safety and Quality Level of Services with the lowest possible effective rates and with win-win partnerships relations in Electrical, Automation, Mechanical, HVAC, and Network Communication systems Start up, Handover and Maintenance Services.

Vision Statement

Our main goal is to use Best practices to protect the health and safety of our customers, our workers, and the communities in which we operate. In pursuit of this commitment, we strive to exceed Local, National, and International Standards for Safety and Environmental Protection.
KITEK CONSTRCUTION Company strives to create a work environment which develops motivated, knowledgeable employees committed to the corporate mission and maintain a productive workforce.
KITEK CONSTRCUTION Company will always empower all employees to create, implement, and improve our services to meet and exceed Customer expectations and enhanced Customer loyalty.

We aim to create this by:

o Review key components of safety culture with the emphasis on constant improvements.
o Listening to our clients needs and adopting specific goals for them to achieve.
o Maintaining the highest level of customer service for our clients.
o Maintaining standards as set by legislation and industry best practice.